Maker Grants

The Maker Grants program is an initiative by the Maker Foundation's Community Development, which funds individuals and teams who create infrastructure and applications for the Maker ecosystem.

The program allocates grants ranging from 5K - 50K Dai, distributed in blocks as teams reach their predetermined milestones. Due to the high volume of worthy requests and limited resources available, applications with conservative budgets are prioritized.

What We Fund

  • Tools that directly benefit Dai users and governance participants
  • Scopes that expand Dai adoption
  • Projects that open opportunities for new markets and support emerging economies, particularly from teams local to the region

What We Don't Fund

  • Pure R&D
  • Information Gathering
  • Additional Runway
  • Generic Ethereum Ecosystem Improvements
  • Large Marketing Budgets
  • Dai Airdrops | Giveaways

Grantee Requirements

The model used to incubate our grants requires regular check-ins, operational transparency, high team velocity, active repositories, and frequent communications with MakerDAO and other members of the cohort.

How well teams meet these requirements will determine whether they reach their milestones and whether additional funds will be released. Good principles to follow:

  • Self-direct your work
  • Actively commit to regular check-ins
  • Work fast and openly
  • Share project activity
  • Communicate with other members of the cohort often
  • Split your work into milestones

Our Grantee Playbook further provides an idea of what's expected.


For any questions, reach out to