What problem does the project solve? Why is this problem important?

There is an ocean of digital content online being created everyday. This content is currently only monetized through the concept of views (with marketing, sponsors & ads models), but not in terms of ownership.

Using cryptography and blockchain technology, we are able to apply uniqueness and authenticity to that content by having the creator perform a digital signature when creating the asset. This creates a new market with the concept of ownership that has never existed in the ecosystem.

Veza aims to provide an ecosystem that allows digital content creators to add a new revenue stream and, at the same time, making its communities/audiences participate in a playful environment.

How does the project align with MakerDAOs principles?

Our goal is to use DAI as the main currency in the platform as it is stable, decentralized, cross borders and censorship resistant digital money. This is why driving Dai adoption is key in our model and one of our medium-term goals. Thus, we think DAI can become the #1 reference in digital money for all digital content transactions.

What is the long term vision?

Our long term vision is for Veza to be the place for scarce and authentic Digital Moments. Content creators & sponsors will be creating and selling their digital content, and users will participate in a gamified market framework to buy/sell/expose/lend ownership.

How would you define/measure the success of your project?

We measure success with content creators using the platform, registered users and buy/sell transaction volume.

In the short-term, we plan to create partnerships and on-board at least 10 gaming houses with their teams and players creating digital content in Veza. Accounting that a gaming house averages a fan base of 1000 persons, reaching 10k users is a medium-term goal for us.

What are some of the obstacles you see in this project and how do you plan to overcome them?

We identify 2 obstacles:

New market Veza is creating an un-existing market, by offering digital content creators the possibility to sell their (already generated) content to their (already existing) audience with an added value of uniqueness and authenticity. It is not only a way to visualize the digital content (today), but to actually be the owner of that digital content (Veza to-be). Our model assumes users are prone to pay for being one of the owners of a given digital content (to store or later re-sell). One of the issues to test is the price sensitivity at the memento of creating digital content for sale.

Our plan to overcome this is by creating in-platform “gamification” features to increase users’ engagement. This will lead creators and audience users to keep participating in the market.

Crypto adoption We are targeting all gaming fans. This means there will be a lot of users that will not be used to crypto, so the onboarding is an obstacle.

We plan to overcome this obstacle by making it the most abstraction from the blockchain. We have already built a system of burner wallets to recollect signatures for creation and transaction verification. Build an interactive Metamask & crypto onboarding using rewards system. Build on-off ramp with crypto-fiat partners in the region.

We are being helped by the Open Zeppelin and Decentraland team in the technical aspects of the project.

What is your progress so far?

We have a functional and running MVP with:

  • User registration.
  • User profiles with digital content gallery.
  • Digital content creation (with limited editions & royalties parameters).
  • Series creation to aggregate digital contents.
  • Digital content marketplace (buying and selling features).
  • Burner wallets and signature collection when creating, buying and selling.
  • Matic integration to register new accounts.
  • Gamified concepts like fuel, score & power
  • Crypto payments channel (soon to be ready).
Have you accepted any external capital in any form?


Are you seeking a raise? If not, do you plan to raise in the future?

We haven’t been looking for external capital yet.

We are planning to raise seed capital after product/market fit validation to expand product features and regions

Will the project be monetized? If so, how?

We will charge a service fee for every buy/sell transaction in the marketplace.

Will the code be open sourced? If so, where?



20,100 DAI
Open for Public Review
MVP with partners creating content
User onboarding

MVP with partners creating content

Estimate: December 2020
Reward: 1,200 DAI
Matic integration for blockchain immutability
FIAT integration for deposit funds